Darian king ( Vanityking)


Born September 21, 1993 on a small Caribbean Island called St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Darian King grew up with his family including his mother, 4 sisters and a brother. He now currently lives in Calgary, AB, Canada. 

Music was always a big part of his family’s lifestyle.

Darian King began self-teaching himself on production basics using GarageBand at a young age. From using pre-set loops to creating his own instruments and sounds. His skill started to develop. He started writing to his own beats and found he had a passion for full music creation.

Darian had always been business-minded, from running the neighbourhood lawn mowing/ leaf raking/ snow shovelling as a child, to running and owning different companies in the field of sales and marketing after graduating high school, and deciding to show you can be successful without post-secondary.

He didn't let business ever stop him from having a nightlife. Darian ran the house party scene in his city. His parties were not your typical house party, some may say legendary, and for that his fans grew to understand him more. Making music about his experiences and his time as a businessman by day, and a partier at night.

In May 2018, Darian auditioned with the top 25 artists in Calgary in front of executives from Cash Money Records /Rich Gang/ AMAG, and later signed to an artist development deal with CO-OP BLOCK CANADA. 

Since then Darian has gone to win an award with CO-OP BLOCK, and was invited to AMAG's Private Studio to record with Cash Money / Rich Gang executives and has since been invited to record at The Hit Factory in Miami later this year. 

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Artist | Producer | Writer | Entrepreneur 

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